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About the firm

Here at Cerrito & Stanfill Wealth Management we passionately believe that planning is what makes all the difference. Our process begins and ends with our clients’ needs always at the forefront of our recommendations. It is important to know that we are fiduciaries. This means we offer the highest level of care and responsibility within the industry. Our team provides truly comprehensive planning including investments, income strategies, insurance and estate planning. As an independent national wealth planning firm, we have all the tools necessary to meet the unique needs and circumstances of each of our clients. True independence allows us to offer investment tools from every company in the industry, without any corporate stockholders steering our recommendations. I think you will find us refreshingly different. We do not believe in the cookie-cutter, status-quo investing and are always actively looking for alternative strategies and alternative ideas. It has been our experience that far too many have been conditioned to carry far too much risk in their financial lives than is necessary or even prudent. While risk is sometimes necessary, we believe that the risk/reward relationship needs to be accurately and fairly presented.

There are major differences in our industry between financial advisors. As a consumer, you might think that all advisors are the same. Many people think they already have an advisor, but do they really? What we often find is that most were simply sold a portfolio for a trailing fee, not given a true financial plan. It is paramount to understand your financial goals before making any investment recommendations. In our eyes, someone who jumps to an investment recommendation before thoroughly understanding your goals is simply pitching you a product. In our opinion, financial planning, at its core, is a goals-based process. Once we understand your goals, we are then able to apply the best investment tools, in the right mix, to help you achieve them as efficiently as possible.

In today’s society, it seems that personal service and touch are no longer of interest to corporate America. This is true of every industry especially our own. Many feel lost, treated as just another number within their 401K’s and just another number within the Big Box Investment conglomerates. At Cerrito & Stanfill Wealth Management, you will quickly find that we are DIFFERENT. Different from the mutual fund salesmen, different from the product pushers, and different from your run-of-the mill “big-box” advisors. We work for our clients exclusively, and value the personalized client/advisor relationships we build with each. There are no orders from above to serve corporate wishes. As an independent there are no blurred lines of loyalty. We answer only to you.

We invite you to explore our site and the resources it contains to get an even better understanding of who we are and how we work with our clients. After you do so, we look forward to the opportunity to get to know you.

About Cerrito and Stanfill

Rob entered the financial service industry in 1990 immediately upon graduation from Florida Atlantic University with a Degree in Finance. In addition to his many years of industry experience he has completed numerous programs of advanced study to better serve the needs of his diverse affluent clientele. He has extensive knowledge and training in the areas of Wealth Transfer and Advanced IRA Planning. Rob is very familiar with all aspects of the securities, insurance, and financial planning world. He is a firm believer that too many people have been conditioned to carry far too much risk in their financial lives. His 32 years of experience has taught him that most financial goals can be achieved with significantly less risk. He is a recovering analytic and today prefers to keep things as simple as possible and not try to overwhelm his clients. Rob was born in Cleveland Ohio but grew up in South Florida until relocating to Tampa area in 2005. He loves boating, fishing, island hopping and really anything that involves the ocean and warm water. He’s been blessed with three children who also share his passion for the outdoors.

Justin Stanfill is a financial planner here at Cerrito & Stanfill Wealth Management. He attended Mississippi State University on a full academic scholarship where he graduated with a B.B.A. in Business Management. Justin specializes in the areas of comprehensive retirement planning, advanced IRA planning, retirement taxation issues, and estate planning techniques. Unlike a lot of advisors, Justin holds both securities and insurance licenses. He understands that it is necessary to have access to a full toolbox of solutions to best help his clients.

Justin started his career at a big box firm where he gained an extensive knowledge of a myriad of planning topics that are crucial for success in today’s challenging retirement landscape. However, Justin quickly learned that the “cookie cutter approach” often employed by these big box firms, presented a roadblock to addressing clients’ unique needs. After this, Justin decided to become an independent advisor; one who is not beholden to corporate stockholders, nor limited to any one company’s particular products or solutions. Throughout your interactions with Justin, you will find that he exhibits a genuine passion for helping others. He has the technical mindset needed to address the most complex financial topics, but can also put things in terms people will understand. Justin has the heart of a teacher and sincerely believes that the best financial plan is the one that clients can easily comprehend.

Originally from north Georgia, Justin’s passion for boating, watersports and the outdoors, coupled with his despise for the cold chased him to pursue his dream of living in Florida. Justin loves to travel and has visited countries all over the world. He also is an avid SEC football fan and spends fall weekends traveling to his favorite college football games. Outside of work (and football season), you will almost certainly find Justin on the water either fishing or boating, or hiking and exploring with his dog, Midnight.

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Our Passion is to remove your Financial Worry

"We believe the best financial planning is a goals based approach. We do not do cookie-cutter, status-quo investing and are always actively looking for alternative strategies and alternative ideas"
-Justin Stanfill

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